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Mediation without bias or judgement, with more than 30 years of successful experience in business negotiation, executive leadership, strategic advisory, M&A execution, employer/employee related mediation and personal dispute resolution, I approach every situation with the intention to find common ground to quickly find a resolution through mediation so as to prevent a costly and prolonged legal battle between disgruntled parties.  Establishing boundaries, corridors of commonality and expressed areas of disagreement are critical parts of the process and should be done early in the conversation.  We will know very quickly whether a successful mediation can be accomplished.  I am respectful and mindful of the time and expense for both parties and will work quickly to find a resolution to the most complex disagreements.

What to Expect


 During our first session I will spend some time with each party individually prior to a joint session so that each party will have a chance to express their position, concerns and expected outcomes. Prior to our first session both parties shall provide in writing a summary of each point of contention that they wish to be mediated. Together we will work on each point to find commonality, areas of divide and resolution. 

Our Expertise


 I am a NJ Superior Court qualified Rule 1:40 Civil Mediator. I have a Masters degree in Management with a focus on organizational change. I currently serve and have been a Chief Executive Officer of multiple companies doing business in more than 40 countries and have built out corporate organizations beyond 1,000 employees. I have served as the key mediator to employment grievances for two unions. I can conduct mediation for all concerns absent Divorce Mediation. 

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"What a fantastic experience with Michael"


"His level of professionalism, responsiveness and ability to create working solutions was just what was needed. He offered clear guidance and facilitated the process to get the best outcome for all. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a polished and experienced mediator."

Jun 26, 2019

- Anna W  Torrance, CA 

"My business is now thriving!"


I am in NC and was in desperate need of finding someone to help me figure out my next steps in a dispute with a major home improvement retailer. Mr. Bekiarian was TOP NOTCH in all aspects and has helped to set my mind at ease. No question...he is the best!!!!

Apr 26, 2019

- Susan M  Raleigh, NC


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