Divorce Mediation

They Say Divorce is a Stressful Process - We Say, Whose

They Say Divorce is a Stressful Process - We Say, Whose "They"?


Navigating the challenging journey of divorce and co-parenting can feel overwhelming, but we want you to know that it doesn't have to be tumultuous. In fact, in our experience, many divorce settlements are most of the way there, and we are here to help you navigate those crucial last steps. Dispute Resolution Group will always treat you with deep understanding, empathy, and warmth.

Contact us today to book your 30-minute no obligation consultation to explore how we can guide you through the successful completion of a mediated, uncontested divorce. Together, we will explore if divorce mediation is the right path for you.

When seeking a divorce mediator, turn to Dispute Resolution Group, headquartered in Long Valley, NJ, serving clients nationwide.

We deliver an exceptional divorce mediation experience, that includes:

Neutral Mediation: Impartial mediators ensuring fairness and equity.

Asset Evaluation: Meticulous assessment of marital assets for equitable distribution.

Liability Assessment: Identification and resolution of marital liabilities.

Marital Estate Dissolution: Negotiation with thorough attention to detail.

Asset Distribution Plan: Development of a tailored asset distribution plan.

Marital Support Negotiation: Facilitation of support negotiations.

MOU Creation: Comprehensive document preparation for Pro Se filers.

Co-Parenting Plan Development: Negotiation of child-focused co-parenting plans.

Written Co-Parenting Plan: Detailed plan prioritizing child well-being.

Child Support Review: Evaluation of child support obligations for fairness and compliance.

Trust Dispute Resolution Group to guide you through your divorce mediation process with expertise and sensitivity to your unique needs and circumstances.