About Dispute Resolution Group

Our Approach


 During our first session I will spend some time with each party individually prior to a joint session so that each party will have a chance to express their position, concerns and expected outcomes. Prior to our first session both parties shall provide in writing a summary of each point of contention that they wish to be mediated. Together we will work on each point to find commonality, areas of divide and resolution then quickly move to find a resolution.  We work nationally and utilize the latest in video conferencing software which allows me to caucus individually or within a joint session. 

Why Dispute Resolution Group?


 Over three decades my corporate and start up experience has led me down the path of resolving multiple layers of disputes to include employment grievances, vendor issues, customer contract breaches, union grievances, family disputes and marital issues that I decided to expand my business to include mediation and work to resolve grievances at a reasonable cost in time and money. 

Principal mediator

NJ Superior Court Qualified Rule 1:40 Civil Mediator


I work from the position that most disputes can be settled with limited legal intervention and expense. If both parties have a desire to find neutral ground a resolution can be had by adding structure, process and visibility to shared outcomes within an environment of mutual respect so long as there is a true desire to find a resolution.